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Our Webmail Service

Our Webmail service, offered for FREE by ORACOMM for all our customer that have our Hosting service, that let you use all you mailbox you have at any time of the day or the night, from anywhere in the world, also without your PC or laptop.

Why it is useful

  • How many times you had to send an email or read it but you did not have your PC with you?
    Our Webmail system let you do all of this and lot more, with or without your PC. You only need a PC with an Internet connection, from a friend, in a hotel or in an Internet point, in order to use your e-mail box.
  • Have you ever had internet problems and been forced to wait to use your mailbox?
    Our Webmail system let you access your mailbox using any Internet connection, even if yours is temporary not working;
  • Is your PC out of service and you cannot wait that it will be repaired to send or receive email?
    You can easly access to your mailbox with any other PC and do everything you need and/or want.

Webmail means flexibility, freedom to operate with your own email in whichever circumstance, with Webmail system, ORACOMM satisfy your requirements.

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