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PersonalSite Web Sites

PersonalSite 2.0 the most complete website by ORACOMM, dynamic, complex and ready to use. It will generate a website with this pages:

  • Home Page;
  • Personal Page (totally customizable);
  • Staff (dedicated to the members of your company, usable page also for other scopes);
  • 3 databases in which being able to load your products and/or services;
  • infinite categories to insert in the 3 databases;
  • infinite products to insert in the all the categories you have made;
  • Downloads (to publish your files, brochoures, etc.);
  • Contacts;
  • Where we are;
  • Distributors;
  • Banner management;
  • News management;
  • Legal Terms;

All the databases, categories and products could be equipped by images and text, and moreover they could be visible or unvisible with an only click of your mouse. The this useful function, will allow you to preload an entire new line products or a new single product, and let it be visible with the speedly and easly as a click at the moment of the official launch of it.

All the products will be able to have, text, images and the following characteristic:

  • the management of the availabilities of the product;
  • the management of the number of products available to short and the date in which it they will be;
  • the management of the price;
  • a file to upload with the product that visitors can download, this could be, for example, product'technical details and/or additional images to higher resolution;
  • the management of a calendar for every product to let the visitors know when they are ready for rent or not, visitors can also require to rent theme only in the days they are available. In this case, you also have the possibility to use PersonalSite 2.0 to manage the entire process of renting, adding informations visible only by you inherent to the chartering reservations and management payments;
  • from every product the visitors can reaquest informations easly, the communication will be reached to you directly in your mailbox;

Moreover with the News system you will be able to:

  • predetermine the day and the hour when each news start;
  • predetermine the day and the hour when each news expire and it will disappear from the site;;
  • inser a link at the end of every news to promove in all the pages of your website one page or a specific product;

Moreover with the Banner system you will be able to:

  • earn money directly letting collaborating companies to publish theyr banners in your website;
  • predetermine the day and the hour when each banner start;
  • predetermine the day and the hour when each banner expire and it will disappear from the site;
  • insert a banner for you, dedicated and linked to one of your page or product inside the website, to promove it with an image, so that it will be visible in all the pages;
  • link the banner to any external page, usually directed to the website of the company that has demanded to you the publication of its banner in your site;
  • Inside PersonalSite 2.0 control panel, ORACOMM has prepared for you a contract model, that you can use between you and the companies that will publish theyr banner to your site;

Do you want to see an example? Click here and we will take you in a PersonalSite 2.0 demo right now.

With PersonalSite 2.0 moreover:

  • you will be able to load any private file in the 'Downloads' section, they will be not visible to any visitor but donwloadable only from persons who you want; this system is useful when you want to send a mail with heavy attachments to lots of persons and you, in this way you will avoid all the problmes for who has not enough space in their mailbox or for who has problems downloading big attachments because of theyr slow dialup internet connection, in this cases publishing your private files on your site, you will have any problems;
  • you will be able to change your website look with just one click of your mouse! In this way, you can have a new website for FREE! Think about what all the visitors will think about your Company that invests in new technologies like Internet, renewing the website in the contents and the layout during the time!
  • you can have all under your control because PersonalSite 2.0 will analyze all the visits received on each page distributed per hours, per products, per average time spent in each page and more else;
  • you can have all of this for a extraordinary price;
PersonalSite 2.0

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