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What VoIP is and how it works

The VoIP, acronym of 'Voice over IP', is a technology that let voice telephone traffic to run through DSL line. This technology let you call fix telephone numbers, mobile and special numbers with the lowest price.

Why using VoIP technologies

  • Call Costs considerable reduced
    The rates in order to telephone using a VoIP system are extremely inferior against the rates applied from the telephony company. This let you save lots of money on telephone costs.
  • No fixed costs
    The VoIP concurs, to completely cancel telephony company fixed costs having just one single DSL line. Think about how much you will have saved at the end of the only first year!
  • Versatility
    The allocation of a geographic number from VoIP net is usually immediate, you do not have to wait that technicians come to make to pass telephone cables in your company.
  • Advanced IP PBX systems
    You can have the mostest advanced IP PBX system using VoIP, with vocal mailbox for every extension, digital receptionist, DISA systems and more, all of this for lower cost than analogical PBX.

ORACOMM has an high experience in the VoIP systems, and this allowed it to adopt this technology to 100% in our offices. Currently in fact, ORACOMM does not have any analogic telephone line. Our experience, totally to your service, will let you leave analogical line and have all the advantages to use VoIP system easly and with no problem. Our technicians are ready to analyze your situation and to realize a specific project in order to satisfy your requirements.

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